Working on a warmer planet: The effect of heat stress on productivity and decent work

ILO has recently published a new report about work and global warming. By 2030, the equivalent of more than 2 per cent of total working hours worldwide is projected to be lost every year, either because it is too hot to work or because workers have to work at a slower pace. This report shows the impact of heat stress on productivity and decent work for virtually all countries in the world. It presents innovative solutions based on social dialogue to promote occupational safety and health for the most vulnerable groups of workers.

Download the report here

Welcome to SWOSH

The objective of SWOSH is to promote Sustainable Work and the participation of Swedish researchers in Horizon 2020 (H2020) and Horizon Europe (FP9) through networking activities, information, capacity building and support.
The goal of our activities is to increase the participation of Swedish researchers in the upcoming work programmes as well as ERC (excellent science), Maria Skłodowska-Curie Actions, Innovative Training Programmes (ITNs) and Cost Actions.

SWOSH targets researchers in the broad area of sustainable work, including occupational health, work organization, employment conditions, digitalization and new forms of work, green jobs etc.
Focus is on reducing the hurdles for Swedish researchers to participate in H2020 and FP9, such as not enough international contacts and lack of experience in how to get EU funding.
SWOSH encourages different types of participation at different stages of researchers’ careers, for better long-term effectiveness. The figure illustrates different steps of EU funding instruments, requiring increasing responsibility and engagement.