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SWOSH aims to strengthen the collaboration between Swedish researchers and the European research community in the field of sustainable work.

The network provides information about relevant EU research calls and networking opportunities to react to these calls. It is open to researchers and stakeholders from Sweden as well as all other countries in the EU and elsewhere participating in Horizon 2020 and Horizon Europe research programmes.

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Why collaborate with Swedish scientists?

  • Swedish companies are known for their concern in the well-being of their employees. This human-centred approach facilitates collaboration with employers in questions such as working conditions, equality and social justice.
  • Swedish citizens have unique personal identification numbers permitting linkages to national registers. This allows access to unique historical data on e.g.  job title, workplace, education, different sources of income and  health and disease, including mortality, hospitalization and specific diseases.
  • Swedish researchers have access to workplaces and workers due to a long tradition of mutual trust and common interests between researchers and the social partners.

Why join SWOSH?

For researchers in the area of work and health active outside of Sweden, SWOSH offers the same information about up-coming calls as well as networking possibilities to enable contacts with researchers active in Sweden. For researchers active in Sweden, SWOSH acts as a facilitator in finding suitable EU calls and in connecting to researchers in other countries.

SWOSH in short

SWOSH targets researchers in the broad area of sustainable work, including occupational health, work organization, employment conditions, digitalization and new forms of work, green jobs etc.

The aim is to reduce the hurdles for Swedish researchers to participate in H2020 and FP9, such as not enough international contacts and lack of experience in how to get EU funding. The project encourages different types of participation at different stages of researchers’ careers, for better long-term effectiveness. The figure below illustrates different steps of EU funding instruments, requiring increasing responsibility and engagement.

SWOSH objectives

The objective of SWOSH is to promote Sustainable Work and the participation of Swedish researchers in Horizon 2020 (H2020) and Horizon Europe (FP9) through networking activities, information, capacity building and support.

The goal of our activities is to increase the participation of Swedish researchers in the upcoming work programmes as well as ERC (excellent science), Maria Skłodowska-Curie Actions, Innovative Training Programmes (ITNs) and Cost Actions.

SWOSH work plan

Mapping: i) up-coming research calls of relevance; ii) younger researchers in Sweden, international researchers already collaborating with Sweden, international research networks, industry and public sector partners.

Matchmaking: SWOSH organizes workshops and meetings at research conferences in Sweden and abroad, to inform and offer guidance related to participation in H2020 and FP9.

Participation: in collaboration with Swedish University Grants Offices, SWOSH supports promising consortia through tailor-made support activities.

The project is funded by Swedish Innovation Agency Vinnova.

Contact us

Project managers
Maria Albin, Karolinska Institutet
+46 72 588 61 01,

Theo Bodin, Karolinska Institutet
+46 73 979 25 72,

Project coordinator
Carin Håkansta, Karolinska Institutet
+46 76 209 82 26,

Advisory board
Bengt Järvholm, Umeå University
+46 70 619 22 41,

Svend Erik Mathiassen, University of Gävle 
+46 70 678 81 58

Anders Gudmundsson, Lund University
+46 222 40 75,

Kenneth Abrahamsson,

Elisabeth Lagerlöf,

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